Parenting Consultation

The Difficulties of Being a Parent


Children are not born with an understanding of how to sleep through the night. They also need to learn about right and wrong and don't understand the importance of eating their greens when cake tastes so nice. They also don't know how to control their emotions and can be fine one moment and screaming with anger the next. The teenage period is a time of intense emotions and the transition from being a child to being an adult is rarely a smooth one. Many of the behaviours of teenagers baffle and exasperate parents. All parents struggle at times and all parents make mistakes.


At Dr Stuart Associates we are able to offer you a comprehensive Parenting Consultation to help you to negotiate these remarkable years. One of our highly trained psychologists will meet with you to discuss and understand the particular issues that you may face.

  • Morning routines can be exhausting and end up in a shouting mess before piling children in to the car for the school run. It might be that your particular difficulty is that your children will not get dressed alone, remember to do things, such as eat breakfast or brush their teeth, without being told numerous times. It may be that they become easily distracted and you find them with the paints out just as you need to leave to make it to school on time. 

  • The evening routine can be just as hard. After-school clubs, playdates, homework, snacks, dinner, bath, bed time and then arranging everything for the following day, can be exhausting. To have to deal with a child who wants to do none of this makes the situation a lot harder. With older children negotiating social media, screen time, homework and sleep can be a daily battle. 

  • It may be that your younger children don't seem to understand the meaning of 'no' and are constantly testing you. They may not want to share and hate their siblings. You may be sick of repeatedly asking your child to do something and ashamed when your child has a full-blown tantrum at the school gates.

  • It may be that your teenage child wants to be an adult and do the things adults do without any interference from Mum or Dad. It is difficult to find the balance between allowing them to make mistakes and learn and keeping them safe. 

Following an initial consultation, the psychologist will write a thorough report based on the latest research. This will give you clear guidelines on how to better understand your child's behaviours and interact with them in a way that will bring about the behaviours that will make your home life a less stressful environment.

The Psychologists

The psychologist who will carry out your treatment will be CAMHS trained and will have had years of working with families in the NHS offering parenting assessments. They will use the latest research to develop clear strategies especially targeted at your particular problem.

The Cost

For a basic package, which includes a 2 hour assessment, full report, 1 hour feedback session and two to three follow-up emails – the fee is £1000. This is generally appropriate for those who require basic parenting strategies to help children or teenagers with difficulties, such as morning or bed time routines.

Further Treatment and Fees

There may be other issues impacting on the child’s/teenager’s behaviour, such as attachment problems, arguments at home or parent’s own issues relating to their up-bringing, which are then impacting on the child and subsequent behaviour. It may be that the family or couple would benefit from some further treatment and your treating psychologist will discuss this with you. We will offer this to you, if this can be dealt with in a timely fashion of no more than six sessions. Fees for this are charged at £200 per hour. However, if a more in-depth treatment is required, we will be able to recommend where this can be found.

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